By Margot Wiburd - Perth, Western Australia
Picking up this book when I was at a creative and financial low was the best thing I could have done. It offered a plethora of ideas and proved - endearingly and amusingly - that persistence and self belief can create miracles. What I really loved, though, was Shed's generosity. He offers a practical written and visual breakdown (plenty of pics) of what it takes to market a novelty product, publish a book, etc in the real world. This book should be on every creative's bookshelf as an inspiration, a marketing tool and quite simply, a touching and thought provoking read.

By S. Barlow
Ideas Man will change your life.Shed's determined and very funny and sets out a blueprint from taking your ideas, however weird and bring them to life and hopefully make some money out of them.

By Mrs Nicola H Williams
Totally brilliant!! For me Shed was truly inspirational. His addictive energy can't help but rub-off too - I challenge you to read it and not feel invigorated and inspired!!.

By Mr. S. Whitehead, Leics UK
Not only do you get a thoroughly readable and fascinating autobiography of a rather unusual individual, but also practical tips on how to capture ideas and turn them into adventures

By D. Jacobs
Honestly the best book I have ever read.
- my copy of the book arrived this morning
- I woke up at twelve and started reading, instantly hooked
- it's now 3am and I've just finished it
- tomorrow I will wake up at twelve and probably read it again