About Us

Selling books is a tough business!

Not only do you have to write your book, you've got to  find a publisher, persuade them to read your book, then hopefully they'll deem it good enough to publish. This process is very time consuming and challenging! It requires a lot of PERSISTENCE, but the thrill of getting a book onto the shelves is something very special indeed. But it doesn't stop there... 

The first book I managed to get published was PRESENTS MONEY CAN'T BUY and this was published by the great team at Summersdale.

Even with the release of this small gift book, it struck me that it wasn't enough to have a great product backed by a great publisher. In order for a book to sell, people have to know about it!

The book industry is such a crowded market that you have to fight really hard to get your book noticed.

When my second book IDEAS MAN came out last year, my brilliant publishers got me lots of publicity. Even with their backing, the sales of my book still didn't quite catch fire. And yet, I always knew I'd written a great book - and the people who read it confirmed this... So, I decided to create WORSTSELLER.com to see if I could make my book a BESTSELLER by providing a website that showcases authors who believe their book needs to reach a wider audience.

You can read about more of my adventures and ideas on www.IdeasMan.co.uk